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Reports for the week of July 2 , 2017 to July 8, 2017:  Great news, the water is still falling and getting better by the day. The Salt is starting to fish well with drys, chubbiest, purple haze and caddis have been the go to. McCoy Creek has been fishing really well along with Bear Creek and several of the other small Idaho streams. The Greys and Little Greys are both giving up fish, however the water is still just so so. Please remember the water is still high, so be careful. The takeout at Roberts is fast and there is no escaping under the bridge if you miss!!!  Please don't over estimate your abilities. From Grover to Diversion, the channel is well defined and not much to worry about. Creamery to McCoy Creek is about the same as last year.  If you venture out onto Palisades, make sure to watch out for floating debris.   Give us a call at the shop for daily reports and information. (307)-654-3330 or shoot us an email. Christy@pioneeranglers.com 

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